Meet the wonderful and hard-working Host Committee!

Wayne Tallon, Organizing Committee Chair
Susan Fortune, Secretary
Connie Nichol, Chair Banquets & Ceremonies
Cynthia Wilson, Chair Players’ Lounge & Bar Services
Jaime Watson, Chair Communications & Team Services and Accommodations
David McCafferty, Treasurer & Chair Transportation
Charles Kingston, Legal Advisor
Shelly Graham, Chair Officials
Wayne Tallon, Chair Web Master & Web-Streaming
Mike Steeves, Chair Facilities & Ice
Karen Langille, Chair Volunteer/Accreditation & Reception Event Area
Mike Flannery, Chair Sponsorship
Stephen Kelly, Chair Marketing/Promotions/Event Program
Lorna Campbell, Chair Ticket Sales & Event Passes
Jane McGinn, Co-chair Media & Security
Carol Salmon, Co-chair Media & Security
Wayne Tallon, Chair Merchandising
Shelly Hatt, Provincial Marketing Coordinator, Cox & Palmer
Ann Grant, Capital Winter Club Manager

If you have questions, please contact Committee Chair Wayne Tallon
Phone: (506) 449-0234

Media inquiries, please contact Chair Communications & Team Services Jaime Watson
Phone: (506) 476-6093