Board of Governors: 2015-2016



Front, from left: Lena West, Peter Inch, Hugh Avery, Shirley Osborne, Resby Coutts, Scott Comfort
Back, from left: Cindy Maddock, Cathy Hughes, Maureen Miller, Ron Hutton

Chair: Hugh Avery
Vice Chair: Peter Inch
Operations: CEO and Senior Management Team

2015-2016 Curling Canada Governors – Areas of Responsibility

Committee Chair/Committee Members Staff Lead
Finance and Audit Committee Ron Hutton (Chair)
Cindy Maddock
Scott Comfort
Governance Committee Lena West (Chair)
Shirley Osborne
Maureen Miller
Peter Inch
CEO Performance and Compensation
Hugh Avery (Chair)
Peter Inch
Ron Hutton
International Representatives Hugh Avery (Chair)
Peter Inch
Ron Hutton
Lena West
Appointment Suggestions
Hugh Avery (Chair)
Peter Inch
Lena West
Hall of Fame and Awards Committee Scott Comfort (Chair)
Shirley Osborne
Cathy Hughes
Danny Lamoureux
COC Representatives Hugh Avery
CEO Search Scott Comfort (Chair)
Cindy Maddock
Shirley Osborne
Hugh Avery
Constitutional Review Committee Resby Coutts (Chair)
Cindy Maddock
Lena West
Governance Review Committee Peter Inch (Chair)
Maureen Miller
Resby Coutts
Sandra Schmirler Foundation Cathy Hughes

2015-2016 Curling Canada Board Representatives to Championship Events

Event Board Member Staff Lead
Canadian Mixed Cindy Maddock Danny Lamoureux
Travelers CCC Cindy Maddock
Canada Cup Ron Hutton
Continental Cup Hugh Avery
Canadian Juniors Peter Inch Danny Lamoureux
Canadian Women’s Lena West
Canadian Men’s Peter Inch
CIS Cathy Hughes
Canadian Seniors Shirley Osborne Danny Lamoureux
Canadian Wheelchair Resby Coutts Danny Lamoureux
Mixed Doubles Maureen Miller Danny Lamoureux
World Women’s Scott Comfort

2015-2016 Curling Canada Board Liaison Assignments to Member Associations

British Columbia Lena West
Alberta Ron Hutton
Saskatchewan Scott Comfort
Manitoba Resby Coutts
Northern Ontario Resby Coutts
Quebec Cathy Hughes
Ontario Maureen Miller
New Brunswick Ron Hutton
Nova Scotia Shirley Osborne
Newfoundland & Labrador Shirley Osborne
Prince Edward Island Cindy Maddock
Nunavut Cathy Hughes
Northwest Territories Maureen Miller
Yukon Lena West

The aforementioned Board committee, liaison and representative appointments have been approved by the Curling Canada Board of Governors under the Curling Canada Policy Governance Model, taking into consideration skill sets, experience, Governor’s location, Governor’s educational requirements and overall value to Curling Canada and its members and stakeholders.

Need for travel and duration of stay for Board appointees is determined by the Curling Canada Board of Governors based on overall vale to Curling Canada and positive impact on the achievement of the Curling Canada’s Ends.