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Business Plan and Organizational Strategy 2010-2014

Over the last several years, the Canadian Curling Association has worked incredibly hard to implement a new corporate governance structure following the key principles established by John Carver for what is known as Policy Governance. The CCA Board and management have been successful in this major transition and way in which the Association has operated.

Download the CCA’s Business Plan and Organizational Strategy 2010-2014 document in Adobe PDF format.
Updated May 2013

As part of this overall governance restructuring, the CCA Board has now approved the CCA‟s Ends that were unanimously passed and are now captured in the Association‟s Policy Registry. These Ends policies (E1 thru E5) taken collaboratively have provided definition of the Association‟s vision. This process was extremely comprehensive and involved unprecedented consultation with numerous stakeholders, especially the CCA‟s fourteen Member Associations. Thus, the CCA‟s Ends are the outcomes that are desired in five critical areas. With these important components now in place, the organization needs a business plan and operational strategy which would be aligned with achieving the outcomes (Ends).

The following document is to act as a high level plan that defines, in operational terms, how the CCA will achieve the vision and Ends priorities. The forthcoming pages will attempt to hold such vision against the current reality of where we sit today. External dynamics, such as competition and trends, and internal capabilities, often in terms of skills and abilities or strengths and weaknesses, are considered in order to understand the influences on which particular strategies and actions will most likely get us from where we are today to where we want to be in the future. Of course, if the organization is already where it wants to be in specific domains, such a plan will reinforce actions to enable the CCA to continue to be successful.

Due to the aforementioned, this document is heavily aligned with the Board‟s Ends and in turn, the CEO has interpreted the meaning of the selected Ends Policies in operational terms, and built a set of operational objectives and strategic actions that are most likely to achieve the vision within the operational parameters that have been set.

The overall timing of this planning process and detailed implementation of Policy Governance could not come at a more exciting time for curling. Fresh on the heels of the CCA‟s most successful year in its history, this document will allow the Association to stay grounded in an effort to build and maintain such momentum. Using the 2010 Olympic Winter Games as a further springboard to the future, the opportunity is certainly ours for the taking.

Through regular review and annual realignment of such planning documents, the Canadian Curling Association will have continual opportunities to strategically align the financial and human resources of the Association to respond to potential changing internal and/or external circumstances and hence ensure that the needs of our stakeholders will continue to be met. We welcome your comments and we encourage you to participate with us, to ensure we seize the opportunity which now exists and to work together in a collaborative and positive manner for the ultimate success of curling.


Greg Stremlaw
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Curling Association


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