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Club Development Fund

The Canadian Curling Association’s Board of Governors created the Club Development Fund (CDF) as a means to assist member curling clubs with capital projects.  The CDF’s only source of revenue is donations to the CCA.  As a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA), the Canadian Curling Association is able to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations made to the Club Development Fund of $100 or more.  Grants from the fund are distributed on a quarterly basis to affiliated clubs and member associations who have successfully applied to the fund.

All curling clubs that are members of the Canadian Curling Association (through their affiliation with their provincial/territorial association) are eligible to apply to the CDF.  The application consists of a letter, prepared on club letterhead, which outlines the non-operational, special project(s) being undertaken by the club for which funds are required.  Total expenses and a brief description of the planned project(s) should be included in the letter which can be submitted as follows:

By email to:
Rachael Wilson, Director, Fund Development

By mail to:
Canadian Curling Association, 1660 Vimont Court, Orléans, ON  K4A 4J4
Attention:  Rachael Wilson, Director, Fund Development


For assistance with this application process that must be completed prior to donations being sent to the CCA, please contact Rachael Wilson by phone at 1-800-550-2875 (ext. 120) or by email at rachael.wilson@curling.ca.


Confirmation of a club’s successful application to the Club Development Fund will be by email.

In order to assist clubs and member associations in their application process, the following guidelines have been prepared.

Capital expenses that are of a special and/or extraordinary nature will be eligible for funding.  In other words, projects and initiatives that are both unusual and occur infrequently and that are not part of the regular, day-to-day operation of the club or association.  Listed below are a few possibilities:

  • The repair, replacement, purchase or construction of a curling facility or part of a curling facility.  For example, the repair or replacement of a curling club roof.
  • The repair, replacement or purchase of a plant asset or piece of equipment.  For example, the repair or replacement of ice making equipment.
  • The purchase of special curling equipment.  For example, the purchase of little rocks for a junior curling program.

Exempt from funding are any expenses of an operational nature.  For example, membership dues, utility bills, tax bills, etc.

Under the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) rules, the CCA cannot operate as a conduit for a local club’s own purposes. In other words, the CCA cannot accept a donation from a member of a club who “tells” the CCA that his/her donation is to be sent to their Curling Club. All donations must be made to the Canadian Curling Association with no strings attached.

As well, the CRA requires all RCAAAs like the CCA who provide this type of program to retain a “significant portion” of the donation to be used for “contingencies or to be redistributed to other clubs” (CRA Policy Statement reference number CPS-007). The CRA further explains, “An administration fee covering the expense of receiving funds raised and issuing receipts is not considered to be a significant amount.”

In order to be in compliance with these CRA regulations and to be able to continue to offer assistance to curling clubs through the Club Development Fund, 25% of every donation made to the CDF will be retained by the CCA. The CCA will apply 20% of each Club Development Fund donation to support grassroots curling programs across Canada through the Curling Assistance Program (CAP). This will allow clubs all over the country to access much-needed funds to help their clubs. Any affiliated club is eligible to apply for funding from CAP, including clubs participating in the Club Development Fund.

The CCA will retain 5% of donations made to the Club Development Fund to cover the CCA’s costs for administering the program, including processing, receipting, and postage.

This means, for example, that $75 from a $100 donation will be placed directly into the Club Development Fund for clubs to access. The CCA will also place $20 into the CAP fund to support grassroots curling programs. $5 will be used to cover the cost of processing and postage. The donor will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of their $100 donation.

Donations can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) as well as in the form of a cheque/money order payable to the Canadian Curling Association. The online option is available by visiting:


If the donation is being mailed to the CCA, the following format is an acceptable way of conveying all the information the CCA needs to process your Club Development Fund donation:

To:  Canadian Curling Association

As a member of the _____________ Curling Club, I would like to donate $________ to the Canadian Curling Association.  I understand that I will receive a tax-deductible receipt for my donation of $100 or more.  Enclosed is my cheque/money order payable to the Canadian Curling Association.

Grants from the CDF are distributed on a quarterly basis early in the month following the end of quarter to affiliated clubs and member associations who have successfully applied to the fund.  (Quarters end on the following dates:  July 31, October 31, January 31, April 30)