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Capital One Rocks & Rings at our school!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 - Posted by Abbie Darnley

As part of our Physical and Health Education program, we recently chose to have the students at Ardtrea Cumberland Beach Public School participate in the Capital One Rocks & Rings curling program. What a fantastic experience!

As curling continues to grow in popularity in Canada, we felt that it was a great opportunity for students to experience curling activities right in our gym. This was a first for our school and it is exciting to have this opportunity now in Simcoe County.

Capital One Rocks & Rings Program

Capital One Rocks & Rings Program

Our students, from grade four to eight all participated. They all really enjoyed the games used to practice curling skills and were excited about the competitive challenges used to bring the skills together. The kids just didn’t want to stop sweeping and throwing the curling stones!

The program added a mixture of competitive games, challenges and exercises to keep the kids moving throughout the full 40 minute sessions. Between the great class shootout and the relay race the kids were talking about it throughout the day and week.

Overall, the experience was fantastic for both teachers and students and the cost was definitely reasonable. The staff was excited about the curling program and worked very well with students throughout the entire day. Because of the overwhelming positive response to the program, we are now trying to organize a trip to a local curling rink for students to experience the real thing.

I hope that many other schools across Canada are able to take advantage of the Rocks & Rings program. We look forward to trying the second year program next year. As they say in curling Hurry hard!

Jason Fishpool
Teacher, Ardtrea Cumberland Beach Public School

About Abbie Darnley
Abbie Darnley joined Rock Solid Productions in 2011 after managing curling clubs for seven years. Part of her job is to manage and oversee the Rocks & Rings program across Canada. Abbie has been involved with sport of curling for many years not only as a competitor but professional as well.


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