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Curling fans win gold for generosity

You did it! Thanks to the incredible generosity of curlers across Canada, we sold enough “Got Gold?” t-shirts to help eight young athletes this fall!

Photo credit: Michael Burns/CCA

Photo credit: Michael Burns/CCA

Earlier this month, the Canadian Curling Association launched a t-shirt campaign in celebration of the Canadian curling achievements in Sochi. We had a lot to celebrate with three gold medals! And a portion of every shirt sold was to be used to set up much-needed scholarship funds for young curlers. The original goal was to sell 600 shirts and help six athletes.

Now there are even more reasons to celebrate.  Canadian curlers helped blow the original goal out of the water. A total of 1,010 shirts were sold over three weeks! That means we will be able to help even more students. A total of eight young curlers will receive a Canadian Curling Association scholarship this fall to help with their curling expenses while at university or college.

Your generous support will ensure these young athletes don’t have to make tough choices between school and curling. Thank you!

Those who purchased a shirt will soon see an email confirming the shipment of their items. Shirts will ship out across Canada and the United States in the next seven days. Keep your eye on your mailbox!

Thank you so much for helping the next generation of curlers and celebrating Canadian curling achievements. We hope you wear your shirt with pride!

Know a great young curler who is in need of financial support this fall? Check back here for details about the scholarship application process and deadlines.