Curling Classifieds / Career Opportunity: Ice Technician, Burlington Curling Club

Career Opportunity: Ice Technician, Burlington Curling Club

Come and join our team, working for one of the most successful and financially stable Curling Clubs in Canada, with a hard- working and dedicated staff, fun and appreciative members, a progressive Board of Directors and an unmatched working environment.

The BCC is located at 2295 New Street, in beautiful Burlington, located on the western shore of Lake Ontario.

After a long and successful career as the Ice Technician at the Burlington Curling Club, Mike Dales has decided to move on the next chapter of his life, and enjoy and long and active retirement. Thank you Mike for all your hard work and dedication over the years!
As a result, the Burlington Curling Club is seeking applications from qualified individuals for the position of Ice Technician.

The BCC is a very busy club with 770 full time members curling on 5 sheets. The club is open from the last week in September to mid – April. There are up to 40 draws scheduled each week with 6 each day from Monday through Saturday and 4 on Sundays.
The Ice Technician is supported by a staff of 6 Ice Assistants, three of which are graduates of the OCA Level 1 or 2 Ice Technicians course. The Ice Technician’s working schedule can be arranged with the Club Manager once the successful candidate is hired. It is important to note the Ice Technician is not expected to be in attendance for all draws. The working schedule will reflect a normal work week of 44-48 hours with some additional time required for certain special events and special scheduled ice maintenance.

The Ice Technician’s position is a full time, 12 month a year position, with the bulk of the work occurring during the curling season, with some minor duties in the off season.
The BCC has regularly invested in their curling operation. As a result, the ice maintenance equipment is all relatively new, and includes a new Boss Ice Scraper, recently updated dehumidifiers, scraper blade cooling pad, new rocks (10 years ago) and a Low E ceiling. The club is currently exploring fully insulating the cinder block building to better control the conditions during periods of warm weather.

Summary of the Ice Technicians duties

1. Be fully responsible for ice plant set-up, shut-down and off season maintenance. The clubs contracts a service to apply the white paint coats during the installation.

2. Prepare the rink surface to acceptable curling conditions by the date agreed to prior to the end of previous curling season.

3. Scrape or schedule staff to scrape a total of two times daily on most days during the season. Pebble and nip or schedule staff to pebble and nip between all draws.

4. Maintain the ice plant equipment for proper operation and take appropriate corrective action to maintain acceptable curling conditions.

5. Perform periodic major ice maintenance as required.

6. Responsible for negotiating service and maintenance contracts for ice equipment, subject to approval of the Club Manager.

7. Responsible for the training and regular supervision of B.C.C. Assistant Ice Technicians for scraping, cleaning, pebbling and nipping requirements. Advise and assist the Club Manager on the hiring of the Assistant Ice Technicians.

8. Responsible for training ice helpers in the preparation of ice between draws,
pebbling, nipping and mopping and for the preparation of written performance evaluations for each Ice employee at the end of the season.

9. Be available by home phone, cell phone or text as needed.

10. Be present at agreed times at major bonspiels and some evening curling to monitor ice conditions and staff as requested by the Club Manager.

11. Submit curling ice maintenance schedule with the Club Manager and the B.C.C. Ice Committee, prior to the calendar preparation and distribution.

12. Attend Ice Committee Meetings and provide a report on the ice conditions from time to time when requested by the Ice Committee.


The successful candidate will have a minimum of Level 2 Ice Technicians course, and at least 5 years of ice making experience.

Mike Dales has agreed to be available to consult as needed to assure a smooth transition.


The successful candidate will be a club employee and not a contracted service. The BCC is interested in hiring a person who will work for the BCC as a dedicated staff member, and not as part of a contracted service providing ice making services to multiple clubs. The successful candidate will be offered an employment contract, the terms of which can be negotiated once an offer of employment is made. Salary will be commensurate with experience, and can be paid over a full 12 month period, if desired. The contract can also be negotiated as a multiple year contract by mutual agreement. The contract will begin on or about August 1, 2017, subject to final negotiations with the successful candidate.

The successful candidate could obtain additional summer employment in the off season if desired.

Important Note:

All candidates can apply in the utmost of confidence. All applicant’s names will not be shared with anyone outside of the 4 person hiring committee. The Committee will not breach any confidences during the hiring process and once a successful candidate is chosen, only their name will be forwarded to the board for approval. All interviews will be conducted off site.

To apply, forward your resume by email to Brian Moore, Club Manager. on or before February 1, 2017.

If you require any additional information, feel free to contract Brian by email.