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Around the House

Since the beginning of the season, a big sign on the front lawn of our club has been announcing Learn-to-Curl sessions available every week.

Around the House: The Dominion Curling Club Championship

Curling clubs offer so many opportunities for competition.  We can join weekly leagues, enter bonspiels near and far, and take part in traditional special events (Turkey Draw, anyone?)  


Curling clubs require certain ingredients to make them function. Ice, of course, and an icemaker to make and maintain it.


New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken, say the anonymous pundits.  Maybe so.  But there’s nothing like a To Do List to get you organized and focused.

Around the House: A Curler’s Holiday Wish List

‘Tis the season of giving and receiving, so let’s take a look at those special items we recreational curlers might include on the holiday wish list.


Okay, it’s one of those games.

The ice is completely different than it was last week – or even last night. That perfect draw weight that you had yesterday

Around the House: The Trophy Case

In 2009, the Fergus Curling Club celebrated its 175th anniversary of continuous curling, a remarkable accomplishment when you consider that in 1834, the town of Fergus, Ontario, consisted of a few farms, a church and a tavern.


The third week of November is a busy one for curling clubs in my part of Ontario.  Here in the Waterloo-Wellington region, this week is devoted to a bonspiel involving multiple teams from thirteen different clubs.


The league I’m playing in this year is made up of 16 teams of varying degrees of experience and ability.  Our team, for instance, is playing together for the first time. Individually, we’re not bad, and as a team, we’re starting to find our groove. 


When you suit up for your weekly curling games and step out on to the ice, you join the ranks of athletes everywhere: you go out there to win.


When our daughter was very young, we would bring her to the club to watch us curl. Sitting behind the glass with her bag of chips (a real treat!), she would point out at the ice and exclaim “Slide pop!”


A few weeks ago I wrote about the challenges of playing three-versus-four.  Our vice, B., moved into the house and took over the job of calling the game for our absent skip. I became vice for the night, and H., our lead, threw the first three rocks and did a lot – a LOT – of sweeping, all by herself.

Around the House: A virtual visit to the “local” curling club

When I’m travelling, one of my favourite things to do is check out local landmarks – the library, for instance, or the town hall.  The smaller the town, the better, because then these landmarks play an even larger role in the community.


The first game of the season was last week, and it took several days to recover.


It’s a mild October morning, and I’m scrambling through the daily routine. Lunches, last-minute chores, getting my head around the various tasks awaiting me at work – I’m in the moment and not looking too far ahead.



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