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House Call

Beginner or not, one of the best parts of curling is playing in bonspiels. This is where you get to meet other teams, play at different clubs, and sometimes even travel.


I often get questions from beginners about stopwatches and how to use them. The truth is, while stopwatches can be a valuable tool, they are one best left alone when you’re starting out in curling.


Effective brushing is often overlooked by curlers. This is unfortunate because good brushing can be the difference between a great shot and a missed shot.


The courtesies of the past are not necessarily the courtesies of today. There is one particular past courtesy that needs to be quashed.


The longer you curl the more concerned you’ll be about hitting the broom. As in, “I would have totally made that shot if I hadn’t been a mile wide of the broom!” or “I couldn’t hit the broom tonight to save my life!”


Curling is not a dangerous sport but serious injuries can occur if you’re not careful. The beginning of the season is when the majority of injuries happen. Ice is very hard and very slippery. It is easy to forget this as we get more comfortable.


Almost every curler out there is looking for ways to improve their game. Here are three simple ways that can get you started.


It’s your first season as a new curler and you didn’t manage to find a team. Don’t panic! Sign up as a spare.

House Call: A Beginners Guide to Curling Equipment

Curling is generally seen as an affordable sport and for the most part, it is. However, it’s easy to get caught up thinking you need everything to be top of the line in order to enjoy the sport. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

House Call: A Beginners Guide to Finding Your First End

For years people have seen curling as an intimidating and cliquey sport. It is a cult of sorts, where players worship ice and stones, everyone knows each other, and outsiders are left to catch only glimpses with their noses pressed up against the warm side of the glass.



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