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Making Great Ice

Making Great Ice: Did you scrape?

So your final flood is done, but did you remember to scrape before you put it on?

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Making Great Ice: Circles and lines

The base of your curling ice is made, and the white paint is on and sealed in. Are you ready to paint the circles and run your lines?

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Making Great Ice: Let’s get started!

Let’s make some ice!  Hopefully by now your plant is up and running.  You want to make sure your floor is cooled down to at least 24 degrees F.

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Making Great Ice: Are you prepared?

Well, guess what? Another season is fast approaching – if it hasn’t reached some of us already. Are you prepared?

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Making Great Ice: Summer Maintenance

Now is the time to make sure your sand floor is ready for ice installation in the fall. If you noticed any dark patches coming through your paint during the season, you may have had a small brine leak.

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