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Pebbles to Boulders

Let us take a few moments to review why agendas are a good idea for Little Rock coordinators. In a word, it is ORGANIZATION!


There is small rural community in central Ontario just south of Barrie, called Stroud. This year, Stroud Curling Club is celebrating 100 years of tradition with the grand game.


Many people think that the best and easiest way to raise funds is to seek sponsors.


Let us take today’s session to talk more about administration of the Little Rock program and a topic which will certainly tip the scales of boring to extreme…. Finances.


I do not know any kid, young or old, who does not like parties. Social events bring out the good times and create some of the fondest memories of any curling club. Little Rocks are no exception.


Whenever I mention to curling organizers about agendas, they immediately think about the extra work to prepare the information.

Pebbles to Boulders: Attention Please! Attention! Part 2

With all this talk about relaxing and having fun, does not mean you rule out skill development. Skill development takes a different form from the traditional curling instruction model for adults.

Pebbles to Boulders: Attention Please! Attention! Part 1

One of the toughest things challenging Little Rock organizers is how to keep the kids focused on the task of learning how to curl.

Pebbles to Boulders: Elmira, Time Well Spent

Not so many years ago when my boys were in Little Rocks, the kids teamed up with some buddies to play in a Little Rock spiel at the K-W Granite in Kitchener. As Little Rock spiels do, behind the glass are attracted tons of parents watching the little ones.

Pebbles to Boulders: Customer Service, NOT!

A while back, it came to my attention a curling club has some unusual ice utilization practices. One day four sheets of ice were in use by school teams, one school per sheet of ice. This particular day, there could have been 50 curlers on the four ices.

Pebbles to Boulders: Unionville Gets It!

When I worked at the provincial level of curling in the 1980’s, Unionville was a small and active community north of Toronto. Now the community has been swallowed up the City of Markham and has a very multi-cultural complexion.

Pebbles to Boulders: Inspiration

Motivation is found with various types of inspiration. I am inspired in many ways. I mainly find inspiration with the people around me, and the things that happen to me.

Pebbles to Boulders: Best Ways to Publicize

When operating programs that require participation, one important element is needed: participants. So this is obvious, and there are several ways to communicate with the public the fact your program is looking for participants. Just like many things in life, there is more than one way to achieve results.

Pebbles to Boulders: Find ‘Em and Keep ‘Em, Volunteers

Finding and keeping volunteers is nothing new around curling clubs. As I visit curling clubs, I continuously see examples of the poor recruitment of volunteers. However, it does not have to be that difficult.

Pebbles to Boulders: First Day of Curling

Over the years of operating the Little Rock section, my wife and I have learned a lot. Our experience comes from years of trial and error experiments. So that means we have been wrong on many occasions, but never fearful of trying new things.



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