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The Cost of the Facility – an Impact in Canada

July 28, 2008

In recent years the Canadian Curling Association has run some pretty successful championships that have turned a lot of money.  And yes at the end of the day the association and its host committee partners have been able to take a sizable cheque to the bank but certainly not for an amount most people in the curling world have assumed.

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Going the Distance is in the Best Interest

July 18, 2008

Championship curling has developed slowly over the past 50 years which has resulted in a good deal of excess baggage trailing behind that is hardly appropriate to top-level play in any sport.

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From the Sandlot to the Major Leagues

July 11, 2008

I always have been a firm believer in a level playing surface or fair play in sport. Fair play comes with a set of reasonably drafted rules and an equally reasonable system of enforcement and most competitors respect for the rules.

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