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Around the House: The Windsor Curling Club rises from the ashes

It’s the nightmare that no curling club ever wants to experience: on September 25, 2007, the Windsor Curling Club in Windsor, Nova Scotia, burned to the ground.

Around the House: How curling came to Maniwaki, Part Two

In September 2011, icemakers went to work at the Club de Curling Valleé de la Gatineau/Gatineau Valley Curling Club in Maniwaki – for the very first time.

Around the House: How curling came to Maniwaki, Part One

Stepping inside your curling club for the first time this season is like coming home, right?


It’s a mild October morning, and I’m scrambling through the daily routine. Lunches, last-minute chores, getting my head around the various tasks awaiting me at work – I’m in the moment and not looking too far ahead.

Around the House: It’s team-building time!

The email from Betty-Anne arrived last week:

“Hi Jean, I’m in charge of making up the teams for our Wednesday Night Business Women’s League. Could you let me know what position you’d like to play?”

With a thrill of pre-season excitement, I realized that team-building time has arrived.



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