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Skips are a rare breed. Not because a skip needs to be the best player on the team, you don’t, but because skipping can be lonely and stressful. You are alone at the far end with no company but the opposition.


The third is the heart of every team. The go-between the skip and the front end. A jack of all trades; the third needs to throw hits and draws with ease, understand the ice


Being a good lead isn’t about making all your shots all of the time. There’s so much more to it.

Around the House: It’s team-building time!

The email from Betty-Anne arrived last week:

“Hi Jean, I’m in charge of making up the teams for our Wednesday Night Business Women’s League. Could you let me know what position you’d like to play?”

With a thrill of pre-season excitement, I realized that team-building time has arrived.



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