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House Call: Get a Grip

A good grip combined with a positive release can work wonders for accuracy. If you find yourself over or under rotating stones, flipping the line in or out, having inconsistent curl or weight control, not being able to properly follow through, or missing the broom completely, you just might have a release problem.

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House Call: Transition Torment from Lift to No-Lift Delivery

I had a number of lessons this past week with curlers transitioning from a lift delivery to a no-lift delivery.

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House Call: Deliver us from Judgement

Deliver us from judgement. What do I mean by that? I mean we all need to take it easy on ourselves. No two people have the exact same delivery.

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House Call: Balance Basics

Balance is an essential skill for curlers. If you find yourself wobbly and unstable during your delivery it’s time to go back to building your balance skills.

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House Call: Ready, Set, Curl!

The longer you curl the more concerned you’ll be about hitting the broom. As in, “I would have totally made that shot if I hadn’t been a mile wide of the broom!” or “I couldn’t hit the broom tonight to save my life!”

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