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Featured Curling Athlete: John Morris

You’d be hard-pressed to find a curler on the planet who’s more used to curling in the glare of the spotlight than John Morris.

Fit to Curl: Building up for the Brier

I’m putting this entry together as my team gets ready to depart for the Tim Hortons Brier. The days before the Brier are always exciting times — it’s such a great event and an incredible Canadian tradition.

Fit to Curl: Thoughts on the Continental Cup, Mixed Doubles and athleticism in curling

I began putting this entry together as I unpacked after the World Financial Group Continental Group and started to pull things together for the trip east

Fit to Curl: A holiday break. And the return.

After our team won the last Capital One Grand Slam, the Swiss Chalet National, we went on a break that was longer than any we’ve had in some time.

Fit to Curl: The between-game workout.

Medicine Hat hosted a Canada Cup that was great in every way except for, well, the way that final game turned out. (Actually, even that was good for the fans. While I’ll never get used to losing, Glenn Howard made a beauty to win.)



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