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More movement on moving day

Moving day moved quickly Wednesday morning at the Tim Hortons Brier. Big early wins by Alberta’s Kevin Martin and Newfoundland/Labrador’s Brad Gushue effectively pushed their teams into the playoffs

Tankard Times Daily Newspaper Online – March 8th Edition

Check out today’s Tankard Times daily newspaper from the 2011 Tim Hortons Brier with stories, athlete profiles and interviews you’re sure to enjoy!

Newfoundland shatters Martin’s Brier streak

Streaks always end. Even Kevin Martin winning streaks, although there was abundant room to wonder for a long period of time.

Tim Hortons Brier Draw 4 Media Scrum Video Interviews

Enjoy post-draw interviews from the 2011 Tim Hortons Brier, featuring Kevin Martin, Glenn Howard, Pat Simmons and Brad Gushue.

Gushue’s new gang: Shades of 2006

There’s been plenty of reaction to the curling marriage of Randy Ferbey and Brad Gushue. All of it tinted in varying shades of disbelief.



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