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Around the House: The Big Switcheroo

As I write this, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts is taking place in Charlottetown and I’ve been glued to the daily TV coverage. It’s been a dramatic week full of great stories and even better curling. Hard to look away!


The first game of the season was last week, and it took several days to recover.


It’s a mild October morning, and I’m scrambling through the daily routine. Lunches, last-minute chores, getting my head around the various tasks awaiting me at work – I’m in the moment and not looking too far ahead.


I remember it clearly: during one of the first games I ever curled, my skip gave me the evil eye as I slid down the side of the sheet talking to one of my teammates.

Around the House: It’s team-building time!

The email from Betty-Anne arrived last week:

“Hi Jean, I’m in charge of making up the teams for our Wednesday Night Business Women’s League. Could you let me know what position you’d like to play?”

With a thrill of pre-season excitement, I realized that team-building time has arrived.



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