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Coaching Profile: Jim Wilson

Ask any competitive curler about their schedule and don’t be surprised if you hear them use the word ‘grind.’ Between playing games, practices, team meetings, personal training, and getting a good sleep there usually isn’t a lot of time for anything else.

Profil de l’entraîneur: Jim Wilson

Posez des questions à n’importe quel joueur de curling compétitif sur son calendrier et ne soyez pas surpris si vous entendez le mot « corvée ». Entre les matchs, les exercices, les réunions d’équipe, la formation personnelle et une bonne nuit de sommeil, il ne reste habituellement pas beaucoup de temps pour faire autre chose.

Saskatchewan Hoping to End Dry Spell at the Brier

In a province so abundant in agricultural resources, there’s nothing quite as disturbing as the mere mention of the word “drought”.  Saskatchewan is almost as serious about its curling… and when it comes to Brier championships, the dreaded word has been hanging in the air for the past three decades.



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