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New PHE Canada resource for teachers gets kids to “Move Think Learn” about curling

The new PHE Canada Move Think Learn: Focus on Curling resource for teachers includes curling-specific gym activities such as aiming at a target and maintaining balance while throwing. (Photo by Helen Radford)
September 21, 2016

Physical education teachers now have an easy way to introduce their grades 4-6 students to the sport of curling, thanks to a free online resource package offered by Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada. Move Think Learn: Curling in Focus is the latest in a series of sport-specific packages that help teachers create a complete learning unit, using classroom and gymnasium equipment in innovative ways. PHE Canada’s curling resource joins 12 other physical education packages that focus on a variety of sports ranging from hockey, basketball and soccer to archery, canoe/kayak and team handball, among others. “The themes of Move ...

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Top 10 reasons curling camp is The Best

Oh, and did I mention, my green group won the Great Shootout?! (Photo courtesy of Simon Barrick)
September 8, 2016

Simon Barrick is a competitive curler and coach. He’s also a sport researcher, currently completing his PhD in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. This summer, Simon put his coaching skills to work as a staff member at the Alberta Rocks Curling Camp. Read on as Simon shares his Top 10 List of reasons that make curling camp – any curling camp! – The Best. Simon writes: What first jumps to mind when you hear “curling in the summer”? Insanity? Curiosity? Fun? How about “curling camp”? In August, I had the privilege of coaching at the Alberta Rocks Summer Curling ...

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The Daly family: A tale of three hearts

“We’re really just so thankful that he found this sport,” says Kim Daly about her son, Colton (Photo by Kevin Daly)
May 5, 2016

(Story by Cathlia Ward) Happy, energetic and active would have been the best way to describe Ottawa’s Colton Daly when he was eight years old. Colton, along with his two sisters, Camille and Calissa, enjoyed all sorts of physical activities. From hockey to triathlons, all three kids were always on the move – that is, until a sudden diagnosis. After experiencing some chest pain and shortness of breath in a grocery store, and another similar episode while at home with a babysitter, Colton was rushed to the hospital.

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Billboards help Paris Curling Club boost its Learn-To-Curl program

The Paris Curling Club’s billboard attracted 66 new curlers to the first night of the Learn To Curl program (Photo by Mark Stouffer)
March 1, 2016

Paris Curling Club President Mark Stouffer knows something about successful Learn-to-Curl (LTC) initiatives. His daughter, Samantha, created a highly effective program to attract local Brant County school children to the sport – a project that earned Samantha the 2013 Curling Canada Volunteer of the Year Award. But with membership numbers dropping, Stouffer wondered how to attract adult curlers to the fun-and-skills combination offered by a Learn-To-Curl program. His club’s solution? Billboards.

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The kids are all right – and giving back! – at the Ottawa Youth Curling League

When last-minute entries at the ParaSport 2015 curling competition were short of sweepers, OYCL volunteers joined the action on the ice to help out. (Photo courtesy of M. Bourguignon)
December 23, 2015

Everyone knows that curlers are the first in line to volunteer for worthy causes, not just in their own clubs, but in the wider community, too. This season, a commitment to nurturing young curlers in the art of “giving back” was right at the top of the list for organizers of the Ottawa Youth Curling League. Remember the OYCL? We profiled this fledgling league for young curlers on our website last May, sharing the story of its overwhelming success in the first season of providing sport development and competition to Ottawa-area curlers under the age of 18.

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A new curling skills competition for Ontario kids

A young Elmwood CC curler gets some one-on-one instruction on her delivery in the thriving youth program (Photo courtesy B. Quesnel)
October 14, 2015

Young Ontario curlers aged 6-13 now have a new and exciting way to test out their curling skills as the Ontario Curling Association has announced its inaugural Hit, Draw & Tap Challenge for the 2015-2016 season. Curlers of all skill sets are invited to head down to their host club to test out their skills, with an opportunity to compete in a provincial championship event – on arena ice!

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Youth Olympics Journey: Summer training

Team Canada Youth Olympians Sterling Middleton and Karlee Burgess work on sweeping technique at the National Training Centre in Edmonton, Alta. (Photo by H. Radford)
September 16, 2015

Karlee Burgess is a 17-year-old curler from Nova Scotia who will compete for Canada at the 2016 Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, next February. This story is the second in a series as Karlee shares her experiences on the road to the Youth Olympic Games.

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Baseball player’s path to the pros rooted in curling

Chris Shaw sees a lot of similarities in his role as a catcher and a skip. Both positions require him to be aware of what is going on around him at all times, including during this Feb. 14 game against Southern Illinois-Edwardsville. (Photo courtesy University of Oklahoma Athletics)
July 22, 2015

Curling and baseball may be very different in where and how the sports are played. But Chris Shaw sees plenty of similarities in both of the sports he’s found success in. The consistent catcher and hitter might be making a name for himself playing America’s game, but his path to the Major League comes with a Canadian twist.

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B.C.’s Rockslide Curling Camp: Five years and going strong

Campers and staff from Rockslide Curling Camp 2014 (Photo courtesy CurlBC)
May 25, 2015

When world-class B.C. coaches Al Moore and Darryl Horne launched Rockslide Curling Camp in 2011, they were looking for a way to celebrate, promote and grow junior curling in the province.

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Dreams start young at the Ottawa Youth Curling League

Members of the Ottawa Youth Curling League pose with Emma Miskew and Rachel Homan after a skills clinic (Photo Joe Pavia)
May 12, 2015

Like many curlers, Ottawa’s Marc Bourguignon got involved in kids’ curling when his own children started in the Little Rock program at his home club, the RCMP. And as he watched his kids’ progress, an idea started to take shape.

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Youth curling thrives at Elmwood CC

(Photo courtesy B. Quesnel)
April 21, 2015

The future of curling looks bright in Winnipeg if the Elmwood Curling Club’s very successful Little Rock, Bantam and Junior curling programs are anything to go by.

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Inside Junior Curling: Finding the next Brad Gushue

Brad Gushue (Curling Canada/Michael Burns photo)
March 17, 2015

After years of watching the Brier on television, a young Brad Gushue was finally able to convince his family to let him try out the sport for himself. He didn’t know it then, but the moment his young feet hit the ice, a legend was born.

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Vernon junior spiel gives young curlers a competitive edge

Team Brown (Photo Karen Mosure)
December 18, 2014

Jim Cotter is well known in Canadian curling circles for his precision shot-making on the ice. But a few weeks ago, he was wearing another curling hat: junior team coach and part of the organizing committee for the 14th Annual Prestige Hotels Rick Cotter Memorial Junior Classic in Vernon, B.C.

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What a difference YOU made!

(Photo courtesy Rocks & Rings)
November 18, 2014

Donors have had such an impact on curling in Canada in just a few short months!

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Inside Junior Curling: School comes first!

Liverpool, NS 2014 M&M Canadian Juniors Alberta skip Kelsey Rocque throws a rock in the final game with sweepers Taylor McDonald and Claire Tully. CCA/michael burns photo
November 4, 2014

One of the most common traits you’ll find in junior curlers across Canada and even internationally is the fact that most of these athletes are not simply athletes, but student athletes.

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