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Inside Junior Curling: Chasing the dream

Every year, junior curlers from Newfoundland and Labrador to Nunavut begin chasing their biggest junior curling dream with their eyes set on representing their province or territory at the M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Curling Championships.


Video of 2013 Junior Women’s Finals in Fort McMurray, Alberta.


Video of 2013 Junior Men’s Finals in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Inside Junior Curling: Where the junior stars are now – Jill Mouzar

Jill Mouzar is one of Nova Scotia’s former junior stars and one of Canada’s rising curling stars. Though she currently resides in downtown Toronto, her heart still lies with her Nova Scotian roots.

Inside Junior Curling: A Junior Coach’s Perspective – Sherrie Burechailo

A coach can make a big difference in a player’s development, especially when it comes to the young, impressionable generation. I have seen firsthand how good coaching has had a positive impact and I believe it’s important to acknowledge the vital role these dedicated individuals play with the young players.



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