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Pebbles to Boulders: From Nobleton to the World

October 14, 2011

In our hockey-mad nation, there are hundreds of stories told about hockey stars coming from small towns and making it in the big leagues. But I’m about to tell you a similar story, and this time it’s the story of a curler.

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From Pebbles to Boulders: Annandale, not in anyone’s shadow

September 30, 2011

Just east of Toronto, and in the shadow of Canada’s largest city, is the thriving multi-cultural community of Pickering.

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Pebbles to Boulders: We’re Back!

September 16, 2011

The CCA have invited me back to write Pebbles to Boulders, where I look forward to sharing stories and informing curlers about Little Rock curling in our curling clubs.

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Pebbles to Boulders: Sources of Funds Part 1

January 4, 2011

Let us take today’s session to talk more about administration of the Little Rock program and a topic which will certainly tip the scales of boring to extreme…. Finances.

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Pebbles to Boulders: Attention Please! Attention! Part 1

December 7, 2010

One of the toughest things challenging Little Rock organizers is how to keep the kids focused on the task of learning how to curl.

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Pebbles to Boulders: Inspiration

November 9, 2010

Motivation is found with various types of inspiration. I am inspired in many ways. I mainly find inspiration with the people around me, and the things that happen to me.

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Pebbles to Boulders: Best Ways to Publicize

November 2, 2010

When operating programs that require participation, one important element is needed: participants. So this is obvious, and there are several ways to communicate with the public the fact your program is looking for participants. Just like many things in life, there is more than one way to achieve results.

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Pebbles to Boulders: ‘Not Often Thought Of’ Key to Success

September 28, 2010

I have been asked numerous times, “What makes a successful Little Rock Program?” There are many factors to creating a successful program such as instruction, social events, program variety, volunteers, communication, fun and ‘organization’.

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Pebbles to Boulders: Adaptation

September 21, 2010

Way back when, sports started to modify big boy activities so that the little people could play. It was not practical for little bodies to play sports with equipment and playing areas designed for adult sized participants. By modifying equipment to a smaller size, kids could be entrenched with sport at an earlier age to have a longer life long-experience with the healthy pursuits of sport.

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Pebbles to Boulders: Where to Find the Support?

September 14, 2010

You have got this great idea that you want to create a Little Rock program at your curling club. Not just a one-time fun spiel involving the kids and their families, but a full fledged 20 week program to encourage in curling the 6 years of age and up sector of our community.

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Pebbles to Boulders: Let’s talk about the Little Rockers

September 7, 2010

Let us talk about the grassroots of curling. In fact we are going to talk about the shortest, the youngest and sweetest grassroots we can have in curling. That’s right, were going to talk about the Little Rockers.

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