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Décès de Marilyn Barraclough, membre du Temple de la renommée

Marilyn Hazel Barraclough, qui a joué un rôle de premier plan dans le fusionnement de l’ancienne Association canadienne de curling pour dames avec l’Association canadienne de curling, est décédée à Calgary.

Hall of Fame member Marilyn Barraclough has passed away

Marilyn Hazel Barraclough, who was instrumental in merging the former Canadian Ladies Curling Association to the Canadian Curling Association, has passed away in Calgary.

House Call: Watching curling brings us together

The year is 1988 and I am nine years old. It is a monumental year for the sport of curling and it is a monumental year for my mother, Marilyn Barraclough. Curling is finally being showcased at the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary and my mom is President of the Canadian Ladies Curling Association, which would merge with the men’s organization a few years later to form the current, all-encompassing Canadian Curling Association.



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