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Around the House: The closing banquet means the party’s over

The lights were off over the ice when I walked into the club last week for the closing banquet. Actually, the lights were off over eight sheets of water. In the dark, I could see the reflection of the illuminated clock on the surface. Strange, and kind of sad.

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Around the House: Watching the Big Kids Play, Part Two

As I write this, the 2011 Brier is taking place in London, and that means my TV is on in the background when I’m working at home. And it’s on at the office (okay, I confess) where I’m live-streaming the games while sitting at my desk.

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Around the House: Curling clubs get the academic treatment

Recreational curlers may not be aware, but our activities have been put under a research microscope recently.

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Around the House: A Recreational Curler’s New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken, say the anonymous pundits.  Maybe so.  But there’s nothing like a To Do List to get you organized and focused.

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Around the House: No spare? Prepare to throw a lot of rocks!

The first game of the season was last week, and it took several days to recover.

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