Draw Schedule

The following is the Draw Schedule for the 2012 Capital One Canada Cup.

Nov. 28, 20121Middaugh vs LawtonMartin vs EppingStoughton vs HowardJones vs Webster
Nov. 28, 20122Webster vs CareyGushue vs McEwenKoe vs EppingLawton vs NedohinMiddaugh vs Overton-Clapham
Nov. 28, 20123Overton-Clapham vs JoneStoughton vs KoeMartin vs GushueHoward vs McEwenNedohin vs Carey
Nov. 29, 20124Epping vs McEwenCarey vs LawtonNedohin vs MiddaughOverton-Clapham vs WebsterKoe vs Gushue
Nov. 29, 20125Webster vs MiddaughLawton vs JonesStoughton vs MartinEpping vs Howard
Nov. 29, 20126Gushue vs StoughtonJones vs NedohinCarey vs Overton-ClaphamKoe vs HowardMcEwen vs Martin
Nov. 30, 20127Epping vs StoughtonHoward vs MartinMiddaugh vs JonesWebster vs Lawton
Nov. 30, 20128Nedohin vs WebsterLawton vs Overton-ClaphamMcEwen vs KoeGushue vs EppingCarey vs Middaugh
Nov. 30, 20129Martin vs KoeHoward vs GushueJones vs CareyMcEwen vs StoughtonOverton-Clapham vs Nedohin
Dec. 1, 2012TBTie-Breakers(if necessary)
Dec. 1, 2012SFSemi Final - Women
Dec. 1, 2012SFSemi Final - Men
Dec. 2, 2012FNFinal - Women
Dec. 2, 2012FNFinal - Men

* All times subject to change.

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