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2011 Canada Cup History Page

Martin capture record fourth Canada Cup

Kevin Martin just keeps piling up the skipping laurels in the sport of curling at the highest levels…Read the Full Story.

Jones captures Canada Cup

What’s in Jennifer Jones’s wallet now? Another berth in the Canadian Olympic curling trials leading to the Sochi Games, that’s what!…Read the Full Story.

Teams who competed

Team Holland
Skip: Amber Holland
Third: Kim Schneider
Second: Tammy Schneider
Lead: Heather Kalenchuk
Team Kleibrink
Skip: Shannon Kleibrink
Third: Amy Nixon
Second: Bronwen Webster
Lead: Chelsey Matson
Team Lawton
Skip: Stefanie Lawton
Third: Sherry Anderson
Second: Sherri Singler
Lead: Marliese Kasner
Team Jones
Skip: Jennifer Jones
Third: Kaitlyn Lawes
Second: Joelle Sabourin
Lead: Dawn Askin
Team Carey
Skip: Chelsea Carey
Third: Kristy McDonald
Second: Kristen Foster
Lead: Lindsay Titheridge
Team Nedohin
Skip: Heather Nedohin
Third: Beth Iskiw
Second: Jessica Mair
Lead: Laine Peters
Team Homan
Skip: Rachel Homan
Third: Emma Miskew
Second: Alison Kreviazuk
Lead: Lisa Weagle

Below are the Men’s teams in the Canada Cup

Team Koe
Skip: Kevin Koe
Third: Pat Simmons
Second: Carter Rycroft
Lead: Nolan Thiessen
Team Martin (r to l)
Skip: Kevin Martin
Third: John Morris
Second: Marc Kennedy
Lead: Ben Hebert
Team McEwen (r to l)
Skip: Mike McEwen
Third: B.J. Neufeld
Second: Matt Wozniak
Lead: Denni Neufeld
Team Howard
Skip: Glenn Howard
Third: Wayne Middaugh
Second: Brent Laing
Lead: Craig Savill
Team Stoughton
Skip: Jeff Stoughton
Third: Jon Mead
Second: Reid Carruthers
Lead: Steve Gould
Team Laycock
Skip: Steve Laycock
Third: Joel Jordison
Second: Brennen Jones
Lead: Dallan Muyres
Team Jacobs
Skip: Brad Jacobs
Third: E.J. Harnden
Second: Ryan Harnden
Lead: Scott Seabrook

Men’s Championship Final

Team Martin00202010117
Team Howard01010101004

Men’s Final Standings

TeamWinsLossFinal Position
Team Martin*60Gold Medal
Team Howard*52Silver Medal
Team Stoughton*42Bronze Medal
Team Koe334
Team McEwen245
Team Jacobs156
Team Laycock157

*Denotes teams that participated in the playoff rounds.

Women’s Championship Final

Team Jones11031030xx9
Team Carey00100102xx4

Women’s Final Standings

TeamWinsLossFinal Position
Team Carey*51Silver Medal
Team Kleibrink*51Bronze Medal
Team Jones*33Gold Medal
Team Homan244
Team Holland245
Team Lawton246
Team Nedohin247

*Denotes teams that participated in the playoff rounds.

Draw Schedule and Results

1Lawton vs NedohinHoward vs JacobsMcEwen vs KoeHoman vs Carey
2Carey vs KleibrinkLaycock vs MartinStoughton vs JacobsNedohin vs JonesLawton vs Holland
3Holland vs HomanMcEwen vs StoughtonHoward vs LaycockKoe vs MartinJones vs Kleibrink
4Jacobs vs MartinKleibrink vs NedohinJones vs LawtonHolland vs CareyStoughton vs Laycock
5Carey vs LawtonNedohin vs HomanMcEwen vs HowardJacobs vs Koe
6Laycock vs McEwenHoman vs JonesKleibrink vs HollandStoughton vs KoeMartin vs Howard
7Jacobs vs McEwenKoe vs HowardLawton vs HomanCarey vs Nedohin
8Jones vs CareyNedohin vs HollandMartin vs StoughtonLaycock vs JacobsKleibrink vs Lawton
9Howard vs StoughtonKoe vs LaycockHoman vs KleibrinkMartin vs McEwenHolland vs Jones
SFJones vs Kleibrink
SFHoward vs Stoughton
FNJones vs Carey
FNMartin vs Howard