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Each year at the Canadian Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s Curling Championships, 2 national coaches (1 from the Junior Men’s and 1 from the Junior Women’s) receive the National Coaching Award for best exemplifying the attributes of a quality coach as chosen by their peers.

The criteria includes:

  • Demonstrating respect for officials, opponents, host committee and curling associations.
  • Demonstrating a philosophy of fair play, good sportsmanship and attitudes that reflect the coaching code of ethics.
  • Demonstrating concern for all-round development of the athlete and instilling guidelines reflecting responsible conduct beyond the curling rink.
  • Presenting, through example, a positive image of coaching.
  • Demonstrating ability to improve the athletic performance of a team or athletes.
  • Demonstrating ability to apply athlete development and coaching techniques as outlined in the National Coaching Certification Program.

Asham Curling Supplies sponsors this annual award program as well as the annual provincial/territorial coach award program which recognizes a total of 26 coaches across Canada.

Past Recipients of the National Coaching Award

  • 2012 – Angela Hodson (PE) and Kevin Patterson (NS)
  • 2011 – Rob Meakin (MB) and Benoit Arsenault (QC)
  • 2010 – Peter Gallant (PE) and Allen Menzies (NB)
  • 2009 – Rob Meakin (MB) and Wade Scoffin (YT)
  • 2008 – Alex Mowat (MB) and Benoit Arsenault (QC)
  • 2007 – Pat Aylward (PE) and Len Chillibeck (BC)
  • 2006 – Brian Kelln (NT) and Robert Menard (QC)
  • 2005 – Calvin Edie (MB) and Michael Borden (NT)
  • 2004 – Diane Ryan (NL) and Robert Sherrard (NB)
  • 2003 – Len Komyshyn (MB) and Alex Mowat (MB)
  • 2002 – John Saccary (NS) and Rob Thomas (NL)
  • 2001 – Jeff Thomas (NL) and Bob Miller (SK)
  • 2000 – Gary Rowe (NL) and Laurel Baldwin (YT)
  • 1999 – Michael Dobson (NB) and Camil Larouche (QC)
  • 1998 – Lee Toner (NB) and Bob Miller (SK)
  • 1997 – Michael Dobson (NB) and Suzanne Bertrand (YT)
  • 1996 – Gordon Hooey (BC) and Terry Shea (NL)
  • 1995 – Nick LeBlanc (NB) and Daryell Nowlan (NB)
  • 1994 – George Gibson (YT/NT) and Ernie Comerford (YT/NT)
  • 1993 – Raymond Lapointe (BC) and Tom Rawling (NS)

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