Draw Schedule and Results

The following is the Draw Schedule for the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Draw Schedule

1SK vs NTNL vs ONMB vs PECA vs NB
2PE vs NBAB vs BCNT vs NLNS vs QC
3ON vs ABQC vs SKCA vs NSMB vs BC
4NL vs MBPE vs CASK vs NBON vs NT
5NS vs BCNB vs NTQC vs ABPE vs NL
6QC vs CAMB vs NSON vs BCAB vs SK
7NB vs ONCA vs NLPE vs SKNT vs MB
8AB vs NLBC vs NBNS vs NTQC vs PE
9SK vs NSON vs QCAB vs MBBC vs CA
10CA vs MBNT vs PENL vs NBSK vs ON
11NT vs ABNS v NLBC vs PENB vs QC
12SK vs CAMB vs ON
13NS vs PENB vs ABNT vs QCNL vs BC
14BC vs SKQC vs MBAB vs CAON vs NS
15NL vs QCBC vs NTNB vs NSPE vs AB
16MB vs NBPE vs ONSK vs NLCA vs NT
17ON vs CAAB vs NSQC vs BCMB vs SK
PPPage Playoff Game
PPPage Playoff Game
If 2nd TB is required it will be played the same time as the 2:00 PM PP game.
PPPage Playoff Game
PPPage Playoff Game
SFSemi Final
BRZBronze Medal

* All times subject to change.

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