2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Albertans Steamroll to 2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts title.

The wait had been interminable. Not only for Edmonton skip Heather Nedohin, but for all those observers who fingered her as a future national curling star as far back at the Nineties… Read the Full Story.

Teams who competed

Team Canada
Kronau CC, SK
Skip: Amber Holland
Third: Kim Schneider
Second: Tammy Schneider
Lead: Heather Kalenchuk
Fifth: Jolene Campbell
Coach: Merv Fonger

Saville Sports Centre, Edmonton

Skip: Heather Nedohin
Third: Beth Iskiw
Second: Jessica Mair
Lead: Laine Peters
Fifth: Amy Nixon
Coach: Darryl Horne
British Columbia
Kelowna CC
Skip: Kelly Scott
Third: Sasha Carter
Second: Dailene Sivertson (vice-skip)
Lead: Jacquie Armstrong
Fifth: Sherry Fraser
Coach: Gerry Richard
St. Vital CC, Winnipeg

Skip: Jennifer Jones
Third: Kaitlyn Lawes
Second: Jill Officer
Lead: Dawn Askin
Fifth: Jennifer Clark-Rouire
Coach: Janet Arnott
New Brunswick
Gage Golf & Curling Ass., Oromocto
Skip: Rebecca Atkinson
Third: Andrea Kelly (throws 4th stones)
Second: Jill Babin
Lead: Jodie deSolla
Fifth: Jeanette Murphy
Coach: Mike Babin
Newfoundland & Labrador
Bally Haly Country Club, St. John’s

Skip: Heather Strong
Third: Laura Strong
Second: Jennifer Cunningham
Lead: Stephanie Korab
Fifth: Noelle Thomas-Kennell
Coach: Jamie Korab
Northwest Territories/Yukon
Yellowknife Curling Centre
Skip: Kerry Galusha
Third: Sharon Cormier
Second: Shona Barbour
Lead: Megan Cormier
Fifth: Wendy Miller
Coach: Fred Koe
Nova Scotia
CFB Halifax CC

Skip: Heather Smith-Dacey
Third: Danielle Parsons
Second: Blisse Comstock
Lead: Teri Lake
Fifth: Melanie Comstock
Coach: Mark Dacey
Idylwylde Golf & Curling Club, Sudbury
Skip: Tracy Horgan
Third: Jennifer Seabrook
Second: Jenna Enge
Lead: Amanda Gates
Fifth: Jennifer Gates
Coach: Louise Logan
Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown Curling Club
Skip: Kim Dolan
Third: Rebecca Jean MacDonald
Second: Sinead Dolan
Lead: Nancy Cameron
Fifth: Michale Robison
Coach: Daryell Nowlan
CC Etchemin, Quebec City

Skip: Marie-France Larouche
Third: Brenda Nicholls
Second: Amélie Blais
Lead: Anne-Marie Filteau
Fifth: Julie Rainville
Coach: Camil Larouche
Tartan CC, Regina

Skip: Michelle Englot
Third: Lana Vey
Second: Roberta Materi
Lead: Sarah Slywka
Fifth: Candace Chisholm
Coach: Dwayne Mihalicz

Championship Final

British Columbia (Scott)10002010116
Alberta (Nedohin)01110301007

Final Standings

TeamWinsLossFinal Position
Alberta (Nedohin)*104Gold Medal
British Columbia (Scott)*84Silver Medal
Manitoba (Jones)*104Bronze Medal
Quebec (Larouche)*754
Canada (Holland)655
New Brunswick (Atkinson)566
Saskatchewan (Englot)567
Nova Scotia (Smith-Dacey)478
Ontario (Horgan)479
Newfoundland/Labrador (Strong)4710
Northwest Territories/Yukon (Galusha)4711
Prince Edward Island (Dolan)3812

*Denotes teams that participated in the playoff rounds.

Award Winners

Heather NedohinMVPAlberta
Sasha CarterShot of the WeekBritish Columbia
Amanda GatesMarj Mitchell Sponsorship AwardOntario
Cheryl BernardJoan Mead Builders Award
Dawn AskinFirst All-Star (89%)Manitoba
Jill Officer First All-Star (83%)Manitoba
Kaitlyn LawesFirst All-Star (85%)Manitoba
Jennifer JonesFirst All-Star (83%)Manitoba
Beth IskiwSecond All-Star (84%)Alberta
Jessica MairSecond All-Star (83%)Alberta
Laine PetersSecond All-Star (87%)Alberta
Kelly ScottSecond All-Star (78%)British Columbia

Statistical Report

Draw Schedule and Results

1ON(7) vs PE(6)QC(6) vs BC(7)AB(7) vs NT/YT(8)NL(4) vs CA(7)
2NL(5) vs QC(7)SK(7) vs NS(5)MB(7) vs NB(3)NT/YT(5) vs PE(9)
3NS(5) vs NT/YT(10)PE(8) vs MB(9)SK(10) vs NL(7)NB(8) vs QC(7)
4BC(10) vs SK(8)CA(6) vs NB(5)ON(10) vs NS(3)MB(6) vs AB(8)
5CA(6) vs AB(5)NT/YT(3) vs NL(8)PE(4) vs QC(5)BC(9) vs ON(8)
6ON(4) vs AB(8)BC(7) vs CA(5)
7NT/YT(6) vs NB(8)NS(10) vs QC(4)NL(5) vs MB(8)PE(8) vs SK(7)
8NS(8) vs BC(7)MB(3) vs CA(7)SK(10) vs ON(3)AB(5) vs NB(8)
9PE(4) vs NL(8)NB(6) vs SK(11)NT/YT(5) vs QC(7)NS(3) vs MB(8)
10SK(7) vs MB(8)AB(7) vs BC(4)NS(4) vs NB(8)ON(4) vs CA(9)
11QC(8) vs CA(5)NT/YT(2) vs ON(12)PE(5) vs AB(10)BC(11) vs NL(7)
12NB(6) vs ON(5)CA(6) vs NS(7)MB(8) vs BC(6)SK(8) vs AB(9)
13BC(11) vs NT/YT(6)QC(6) vs AB(5)ON(7) vs NL(4)CA(10) vs PE(4)
14PE(6) vs NS(7)NL(9) vs NB(4)QC(10) vs SK(6)MB(8) vs NT/YT(2)
15AB(10) vs NL(3)BC(8) vs PE(5)CA(5) vs NT/YT(7)QC(7) vs ON(5)
16MB(7) vs QC(4)SK(4) vs NT/YT(7)NB(4) vs PE(11)NL(10) vs NS(5)
17CA(5) vs SK(11)ON(3) vs MB(5)AB(7) vs NS(6)NB(6) vs BC(7)
SFMB(5) vs AB(6)
BRZMB(8) vs QC(6)
FNLBC(6) vs AB(7)