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In this episode, we feature curling shoes including Asham’s Competitor Ultra Lite, Force and Tour Ultra Lite; BalancePlus’s 100, 200 and 500 Series; Goldline’s Podium Bronze, Silver and Gold; and Olson’s Ladies Fly, Men’s Ole, and the Classic.

The featured delivery aids include the Crutch, from Asham; the Dynaglide, from Olson; and two types of delivery sticks from Goldline, the Excaliber and the Saber.

You can find more information about the curling equipment featured in this episode by following the links provided to each manufacturer’s online catalogue, below.

Asham: shoes

BalancePlus: shoes,

Goldline: shoes,

Olson: shoes

Asham: grippers/anti-sliders

BalancePlus: grippers/anti-sliders

Goldline: grippers/anti-sliders

Olson: grippers

Asham: delivery aid

Goldline: delivery aids

Olson: delivery aid