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We’ve presented gift-giving ideas from curling equipment manufacturers Olson, Performance Brush, Asham, BalancePlus, and Event Max Merchandising and Promotions Ltd. In this episode, we look at gift ideas from a wide variety of on-ice equipment including shoes, grippers, brooms, and delivery devices, as well as curling apparel, accessories and novelties.

To make your shopping easier, items have been grouped into price ranges: up to $25; up to $50; up to $100; and up to $200.

Gifts up to $25 include a curling-themed necklace from Asham; grippers from BalancePlus; regular replacement brush heads from Performance Brush; Season of Champions event-logo cotton twill hat, plush Brier Bear, and event-themed tree ornaments (Scotties Tournament of Hearts and Tim Hortons Brier) from Event Max; curling rock and curling beaver tree ornaments from Olson; and tickets to Season of Champions events.

Gifts up to $50 include two sizes of magnetic strategy boards, and a sport duffle bag from Olson; a DD replacement head from Performance Brush; event-logo apparel (Scotties Tournament of Hearts textured polo shirt) and fleece blanket (2013 Ford World Men’s) from Event Max; curling gloves and an Equalizer brush face plate and replacement head from BalancePlus; a curling stone ice bucket and Housetalk strategy board in its own portfolio case from Asham; and Season of Champions “Rocks in Your Socks” tickets to the 2013 Roar of the Rings in Winnipeg.

Gifts up to $100 include brooms (Asham Composite Easy Lite, Performance Brush with Fiberglass handle, and BalancePlus Fibreglass); men’s jean-style curling pants from BalancePlus; Season of Champions event-themed apparel (Ford World Men’s OGIO polo shirt, Scotties Performance Fleece jacket) and an OGIO Crunch Duffle bag from Event Max; a Stick Broom Bag and Mini Curling Game from Olson; and Mini-Packs of tickets to the 2013 Season of Champions events: the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the Tim Hortons Brier, and the Ford World Men’s Curling Championship.

Gifts up to $200 include Mini-Packs of tickets to 2013 Season of Champions events; event-themed apparel from Event Max (Insulated Bonded Brier jacket and Hooded Soft Shell World Men’s jacket); BalancePlus 200-Series curling shoes; and brooms from Performance Brush (Signature Carbon Fiber handle), BalancePlus (Carbon Fiber Handle) and Asham (Carbon Fiber Curling Broom).

You can find more information about the gift ideas featured in this episode by following the links provided to each manufacturer’s online catalogue, below.





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