DeWare, Sen. Mabel M.

Year Inducted / Année Intronisé:


Province / Province:

New Brunswick

Category / Catégorie:

Curler/Builder, President

Biography / Biographie:

In March of 1986 it was announced that Sen. Mabel DeWare of Moncton, New Brunswick had been inducted into the CurlingHall of Fame as a curler/builder. Mrs. DeWare made her mark on curling in 1963 as a competitor when she win the canadian ladies title. During her term as CLCA President in 1975 she was the driving force from the ladies side of curling in launching the Curl Canada program. For her contribution to curling development Mrs. DeWare received the Herb Millham Award (outstanding contribution) in 1982. She has also been inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame and is the only woman to ever receive the Elmer Freytag Award (outstanding contribution to the betterment of international curling). As an elected MLA in New Brunswick government for seven years Mrs. DeWare has served as Minister of Labour, Colleges and Advanced Education.