Good Sr., William R.

Year Inducted / Année Intronisé:


Province / Province:

British Columbia

Category / Catégorie:

Builder, Media

Biography / Biographie:

In 1946 the CBC decided that Macdonald Brier was worthy of national radio coverage and a two-man broadcast team was arranged. Bill Goodman was chosen from his base in Winnipeg to be the western representative on the broadcast while Doug Smith of Montreal provided the Eastern flavour. Originally from Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Bill Good became known as the “dean” of curling reporters having attended more Briers and curling championships than any other person on the globe. From 1946 to1990 Bill attended all but two Briers and established the attendance record of 44. Through time Bill’s Brier responsibilities increased as he became a part of the Macdonald Tobacco sports promotion team. Bill is a life member of the Vancouver Curling Club and the Pacific Coast Curling Association. He is also a member of the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Foster Hewitt award, Canada’s highest broadcasting honour. Bill retired from Macdonald’s shortly after the 50th Brier in 1979.