Merry, Janet

Year Inducted / Année Intronisé:

1983, 1986

Category / Catégorie:

Builder, President

Biography / Biographie:

Janet E. Merry of Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia was inducted into the Curling Hall of Fame as a builder of the game. A 30-year participant, Janet entered the executive chain as a committee and officer in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, site of her original club, in 1965.

Two years later, she was elected Vice-President of the Nova Scotia Ladies’ Curling Association and rose to the presidency in 1971. She held the position for three years.

From the provincial level, Janet was a natural for national responsibilities. She became a Canadian association Vice-President in 1975 and was President of the CLCA in 1977, the year of the Halifax Lassie.

A member of the election committee charged with appointing the first executive director of Curl Canada, Mrs. Merry also was instrumental in establishing the World Ladies’ Curling Championship event, was the first woman appointed in the Seagram Mixed policy committee, and served for two years on the Hall of Fame selection committee.

She received Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee Medal for outstanding contributions to amateur sport in 1977. Two years later, she was the recipient of a Sport Nova Scotia service award.

Janet was inducted into the Curling Hall of Fame a second time in 1986 as a Canadian Ladies Curling Association Past President.