Wouldn't it be amazing if kids across the country were begging their parents for curling lessons?

How great would it be if grassroots curling clubs were lively every night, busy with curlers of all ages?

How proud would you feel if international curlers were always in awe of Team Canada?

And what if you made all that happen?

But the reality is clubs are closing; kids are choosing other sports or video games; and international teams are hot on our heels to take over as THE curling nation.

Together we can keep curling in the hearts of Canadians. But we need your help.

Curling Canada is investing in curling development programs across the country to help build the passion for curling. There are 3 areas that need our support now if curling is going to thrive: 

  1. Getting more Canadian kids to try curling.
  2. Helping local clubs grow membership and become sustainable.
  3. Ensuring Canadians are the best curlers in the world.

You can make this possible!

Donate today to keep curling in the hearts of Canadians!