You've curled at the same club for years.

Maybe your parents curled there too.

It's like a second home. But the wear is starting to show...

What do you do when your curling club needs help?

For the Love of Curling!

Operating a successful curling facility is a delicate balancing act that can often present challenges, especially as technology changes, the economy shifts, and buildings and equipment age.

And when the curling club is a social hub for its community, these challenges can have far-reaching consequences.

To help meet a growing need, Curling Canada offers the Curling Assistance Program (CAP) to provide financial assistance to Provincial/Territorial Member Associations and affiliated curling facilities.

The need is clear:

Thanks to donors, this year $126, 000 in 14 grants were given out to help local curling clubs and associations. That was a tremendous boost for communities, but here’s the flipside: It wasn’t enough.

Curling Canada actually received applications for more than $566,000 in funding needs. We simply had to turn down some clubs that needed help.

CAP targets those projects designed to grow the sport at the community level, or to assist capital projects critical to the operation and health of Curling Canada’s membership.

That could mean training a club’s Board of Directors on how to create an effective marketing plan, or sending the facility’s ice technician for training, or providing the funds to replace an aging compressor or renovate the club room.

CAP is all about helping clubs to grow and maintain their facility while becoming more sustainable.

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If you are a club looking for more information about the CAP program please click here for information about the application process. The program will re-open in 2014 when enough funds have been raised. We will be requesting applications at that time.

If you wish to make a donation to the Club Development Fund please click here

If you are a curling club interested in the Club Development Fund, please visit here