“But mom! All my friends are curlers…”

Music to our ears!
But we aren't there... yet.

Curling Rocks!Curling Canada is committed to getting future generations excited about curling, and that means providing youth development programs in communities large and small, right across the country.

We need to focus on three areas to ensure the future of this sport:

  1. Attracting kids to curling through school and community-based programs;
  2. The development of youth curling programs at clubs;
  3. Supporting young curlers so they can achieve both their academic and curling goals.

Curling? What's that?

Attracting young curlers is a challenge, especially when you are trying to reach as many kids as possible across this vast country. Since 2009, Curling Canada has partnered with the Rocks & Rings program to introduce children to the sport using innovative, gym-friendly equipment in schools, community centres and camps. Over 500,000 children have already been visited by Rocks & Rings instructors. But there are many kids and communities, particularly in rural areas, who are being left out. We just can’t get to them all without donor support.

That was great! Now what?

Once kids have tried curling, what do they do next?

We need to help them take the next step- to set foot in a club. By helping grassroots curling clubs offer youth development programs and leagues, we can create the next generation of curlers and help clubs build their membership.

Making programs easy to implement for clubs and affordable for families is key. Your support will help move kids from the sidelines to the ice. Helping create new lifetime curlers helps us all.

Juggling or Curling?

Young competitive curlers face the challenge of juggling post-secondary education with athletic goals. How do you afford tuition, books, room and board, and curling fees? We don’t want promising young curlers to have to make a choice between curling and school.

A new scholarship fund will provide financial support to junior curlers attending university or college, allowing them to pursue their athletic dreams while achieving academic success. With donor support, the first scholarships could be awarded in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Make a donation today to support the next generation of curlers!


Are you a teacher, instructor or community leader interested in having Rocks & Rings come to your school or group? Visit the Rocks & Rings website to find out more.