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The MA Cup, presented by TSN

The Canadian Curling Association (CCA) has created a new provincial/territorial ranking system to measure Member Association (MA) performances at all of the CCA-operated and sanctioned national curling championships, beginning in the 2010-2011 season.

The Canadian Curling Association is made up of 14 Member Associations, representing Canada’s 10 provinces, plus Northern Ontario and the territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
Member Associations will be ranked by its team’s final position following eight annual Canadian championships: Canadian Mixed, M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s, Scotties Tournament of Hearts, Tim Hortons Brier, Canadian Senior Men’s and Women’s and Wheelchair.

The program was developed to generate great interest among curling fans across the country. For years curling enthusiasts across Canada have enjoyed regional rivalries and have debated as to whether their province or territory was better than another. This new system will add legitimacy to a basic ranking system which will help track how Member Associations perform at each of the CCA-operated and sanctioned national curling championships.

The points totals and results of this new system are tracked and updated at the conclusion of each applicable national championship throughout each curling season.

The winning Member Association, based on the highest average points, will hoist the MA Cup, presented by TSN. Additionally, the Governor’s Cup will be awarded to the Member Association making the biggest year-to-year improvement on an average points basis.

Both prestigious Cups are formally presented at the Canadian Curling Association’s National Curling Congress.

2013/2014 The MA Cup – Current Standings

RankPointsAverageProvince/TerritoryMixedJR. WJR. MWomenMenSR. WSR. MW.Chair
572.0009.000Nova Scotia9.00012.00010.0007.0003.00011.00014.0006.000
771.0008.875British Columbia4.00013.0007.0009.00013.0008.0007.00010.000
670.0008.75New Brunswick11.0008.00013.00010.0008.00010.0005.0005.000
849.0007.000Northern Ontario6.0004.0008.000N/A4.0007.00012.0008.000
1038.0005.429Prince Edward Island8.0006.0003.0006.0006.0006.0003.000N/A
1323.0003.286Northwest Territories5.0002.0002.0002.0005.0003.0004.000N/A

2012/2013 The Dominion MA Cup – Final Standings

RankPointsAverageProvince/TerritoryMixedJR. WJR. MWomenMenSR. WSR. MW.Chair
376.0009.500Nova Scotia13.0008.00012.0008.0004.00014.00010.0007.000
673.0009.125New Brunswick11.0009.0009.0009.0007.0009.00014.0005.000
770.0008.750British Columbia7.00014.0008.00012.0003.0006.0007.00013.000
956.0008.000Northern Ontario9.0003.0005.000N/A14.00010.0004.00011.000
1137.0005.286Prince Edward Island6.0002.0003.0007.0005.0003.00011.000N/A
1230.0004.286Northwest Territories4.0004.0002.0005.0008.0004.0003.000N/A

2012/2013 The Dominion MA Cup (presented by TSN) Champions – ONTARIO!
(Ontario’s Joan O’Leary & Ian McGillis)

Dominion MA Cup Winners – Ontario
Joan O’Leary (OCA President & Ian McGillis (OCA Vice-President)



















2012/2013 The Governor’s Cup Champions – NOVA SCOTIA!
(Nova Scotia’s Chris Manuge & Tom Birchall)

2012/2013 The Governor’s Cup Champions – NOVA SCOTIA!
Chris Manuge (Vice-President NSCA) & Tom Birchall (President NSCA)





















  • This competition is intended to be a fun, friendly competition with the winners being recognized at the Canadian Curling Association’s National Curling Congress each year.
  • There are a total of 14 Member Associations (MAs) and therefore points have been assigned from 14.000 to 1.000 depending on the Member Association’s final ranking in each CCA operated national curling championship.
  • If a Member Association had no ability to access the championship, and therefore did not participate even in a qualification process, they will be marked with ‘n/a’ and the calculation would not include that event.
  • For Member Associations who do attempt to qualify, but do not make the championship field, they will be assigned either 2.000 or 1.000 points respectively and subject to the above and how many teams are in the final field.
  • Team Canada does not count, though points earned will be issued, but not recorded in this table.
  • The field of strength has been simplified such that all CCA operated national curling championships are equally weighted.
  • Any ties will be broken by the number of wins head to head in round robin play.
  • The Member Association with the best overall average point total will be awarded the MA Cup.
  • The Governors Cup will be awarded to the Member Association with the largest point increase year to year.
  • Any ties for the MA Cup or the Governors Cup will be broken by the number of wins head to head in round robin games.