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High Performance Programs and Services

The CCA also provides a broad array of programs and services to its Member Associations (MAs).  The philosophy of the Association is to develop resources and services nationally and deliver them provincially/territorially.  This means that the CCA incurs the cost of resource development (based upon MA and area-specific expert input) and rely, largely, on MAs to provide the delivery of these resources.

High Performance resources are targeted at the elite level athlete, coach, ice technician or official who has been identified as a national level participant or someone who has potential to participate at the level in the sport of curling.  These resources are primarily delivered at the national level of the sport but may be packaged with other resources at the Regional Development Centre level of the delivery system.  The CCA is also responsible for selecting and training teams for the Olympics, national team programs and the development of Level 4 & 5 coaches.

National Coaching Certification Program

National Training Centre

Long-Term Athlete Development for Curling in Canada


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