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Competition Stream

Competition Coach

Stream: Competition Stream
Context: Introduction
Program Name: “Competition Coach”

Prerequisites: None

Coaches who take this two day workshop will earn credit towards their Competition Coach Training.  This coach will be able to prepare a team to compete in regional and provincial level competitions.  They will be proficient at planning and executing practices.  Coaches can begin their training in the Competition Stream (i.e. Community Stream is not a prerequisite), however coaches need to have a good understanding of the game and technical skills.  In order for a coach to be deemed “certified” the coach must undergo a mandatory evaluation

Topics Covered in a “Competition Coach” Workshop:

  • Teaching & Learning Strategies
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Delivery and Brushing Skills
  • Skill Analysis
  • Practice Planning, including Safety and EAP (Emergency Action Plan)
  • Drills to Correct

Competition Coach Pathway

Click here to download the Competition Coach Pathway

Event Specialization:
Canada Winter Games Competition Coach

For the 2015 Canada Winter Games, coaches for the sport of curling shall require a minimum certification of Competition Coach Certified with Canada Winter Games Professional Development Designation. Alternatively, coaches will also be eligible to coach at the Canada Winter Games if they are Competition Development Certified or Level 3 Certified in curling.

Stream: Competition Stream
Context: Introduction with Professional Development Designation
Program Name: “Canada Winter Games Competition Coach”

Prerequisites:  Competition Coach Certified Coaches will enhance their Competition Coach training with a specialized curriculum designed to assist the coach guide athletes in a multi-sport event such as the Canada Winter Games. Coaches will be trained on what to expect during the games and the mental, physical and technical planning required before and at the games. At the completion of the workshop, coaches will have a comprehensive plan to meet their individual team’s needs in preparing for the Canada Winter Games.

Coaches of teams who qualify for the Canada Winter Games will receive this workshop from their provincial/regional high performance coach likely after they have qualified, however this may vary based on individual provincial programs.

Anticipated Launch Date:  Early summer 2014. Check back soon for more details about this exciting new program!

Competition Development

Stream: Competition Stream
Context: Development
Program Name: “Competition Development”

Prerequisites: None, however it is strongly recommended coaches have Competition Coach, previous “Levels” Technical Training or experience as a competitive curling athlete.

Coaches who take this workshop will earn credit towards their Competition Development Training.  This coach will be able to prepare a team to compete in elite tour events and national competitions.  They will become proficient at annual planning, managing a team throughout a competitive season and coordinating athlete services.  Coaches will learn how to design an annual plan for their team, implement and analyse its effectiveness.  Regular check-ins with a mentor coach and webinar sessions with fellow coaches will help keep coaches on task throughout the training period.  Two of the Multisport Modules required for this context have been integrated into the curling program, Developing Athletic Abilities and Prevention and Recovery.  To become certified, coaches will have to successfully complete the Competition Development evaluation process.

Topics Covered in the Competition Development Program:

  • Performance Planning
  • Advanced Practice Planning
  • Analyzing Technical and Tactical Skills
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Prevention and Recovery
  • Technical Skills
  • Coaching the Wheelchair Athlete
  • Managing a Program

Competition Development Coach Pathway

Click here to download the Competition Development Coach Pathway

At this time, Competition Development will be a nationally facilitated program offered by the Canadian Curling Association.  If you have interest in participating in the next workshop please contact your Provincial/Territorial Curling Association or email Jennifer Ferris at

Check back soon to find the next workshop dates and locations.


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