How CTRS Points Are Calculated (2014-2018)

Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS) 2014-2018

The Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS) is a point system designed by Curling Canada to rank Canadian men and women’s curling teams. The rankings are determined by the points earned throughout the season from eligible curling events held worldwide.

1. Registration
All teams wishing to participate in the Canadian Team Ranking System must register their four-person team line-up by October 15th. There is no fee to register; however, if you do not register, your team will not be eligible to collect CTRS points.

Recognizing that completing forms and filling out the same information on multiple websites is a time-consuming task, Curling Canada has partnered with to provide a centralized registration process. You register once and select the ranking system(s) you would like to associate with your registration.

Note to cash tournament organizers: for your event to be CTRS-eligible, you must register your event as soon as possible, complete with the event name, all contact information, playing dates, number of entries, format, prize purse and entry fee. You will also be required to submit a list of competing skips to Curling Canada no later than the day before the first competition day of your event. At the conclusion of the event, you will be required to submit results via There is no fee for registering an event.

Due Diligence To Athletes: Cash bonspiels register their events for CTRS sanctioning in good faith with Curling Canada. Should any event not deliver the minimum criteria required, the event will be removed as CTRS-eligible and any CTRS assigned points will be deleted (teams will be advised when this occurs).

CTRS Challenges: (new policy September 28, 2015) CTRS registered teams or CTRS registered individual players may challenge the allocation of CTRS points to any team from a specific event no later than seven (7) full days after the completion of the event in question. For example, an event that ends on a Sunday, a challenge must be received by midnight EST the following Sunday.

Challenges will be submitted by e-mail to Danny Lamoureux at within that time frame.  Challenges will be reviewed and a decision will be made within fourteen (14) days of the end of the event in question.  The Challenge Review committee will be comprised of Gerry Peckham, Kevin Martin, Pierre Charette and Danny Lamoureux.

Click here to launch the Team Registration Form

2. Eligibility: “Core Events”  REMOVED November 30, 2015

The team line-up eligibility criteria as originally written and posted here did not accomplish the objective originally intended. The wording was flawed and lacked clarity. Therefore, any questions or concerns about the awarding of CTRS points based on team lineups should be directed to Curling Canada.

(a) Beginning with the 2015-2016 season (September 1, 2015, to April 30, 2016), teams will continue to be allowed to claim results from a maximum of eight (8) events. New to this quadrennial, however, a team must have competed with the original four registered players in a minimum of six (6) of the eight events to be eligible to claim those results. These six events will be deemed “Core Events”.

(b) The four original players also must play in more than 50% of the games in each Core Event for it to be eligible (i.e.: 3 of 5 games; 4 of 6 games; 5 of 7 games). This minimum number of games played allows teams the use of spares for situations when a registered player may be unavailable. Accordingly, when using spares, teams must adhere to the Three of Four Rule (see 2(d)), designed to give teams maximum flexibility during the season in respect to spare or replacement players.

(c) Teams submitting seven (7) events will be required to play as four of four registered players in five (5) events following the guidelines in 2(b). Similarly, teams will be required to play as four of four registered players in four (4) of six (6) events, then three (3) of five (5) events, etc.

(d) Three of Four Rule: teams register four players but are only required to field any three of those four in games they play to earn points in any event. The identity of the fourth person is not required and can be a different person for every game in an event (assuming local rules allow for this). However, spares can only be used for less than 50% of the games played in six (6) of the eight (8) events OR unlimited use for two (2) of the eight (8) events. Teams that are challenged on the use of spares will be responsible for providing proof they had legitimate lineups for the event(s) in question. Failure to do so will result in the removal of any points earned.

(e) Teams must have 3 of the 4 registered players on the ice at all times to collect points. “At all times” means every end, every game in each event. The only exception to this rule will be where a team plays with three players and the team has two of the four original players on the ice (2 of 3).

(f) Note: teams wishing to change their CTRS lineup after the October 15th deadline due to injury, illness, relocation, and maintain their CTRS ranking, must apply to Curling Canada for an exemption.

3. Challenges / illegal lineups

The legitimacy of lineups will be on the honour system or self-policing by the players and their peers. Any issues will be dealt with by Curling Canada.

4. How you earn points
Any cash event in the world may be sanctioned as an official CTRS event based on the following criteria:

  • The event must have a minimum field of 12 teams for men and 10 teams for women and registered no later than October 15th;
  • The total cash purse per gender divided by the number of teams entered must equal a minimum factor of 300; i.e. $4,500 divided by 15 = 300 [new]

Double-knockout, triple-knockout and round-robin pool formats are acceptable with the simple conditions that the Four Rock Free Guard Zone Rule must be used and games must be 8 or 10 ends in length. Mixed gender events are not eligible; i.e. women teams cannot play in men’s events and vice versa.  Formats that differ from the previous paragraph must receive pre-approval from Curling Canada prior to proceeding.

Teams will receive points in sanctioned events such as provincial/territorial playdowns, the Tim Hortons Brier, Scotties Tournament of Hearts, Home Hardware Canada Cup, World Championships, designated Grand Slams.

5. CTRS Points and final rankings
The CTRS is used to qualify teams for the Home Hardware Canada Cup, for provincial/territorial championships and for team funding. Often, there are scenarios where teams are within decimal points in the standings. Therefore, beginning this season [new], teams within 1% of the point total of other team(s) for the final qualifying spot in any national scenario (i.e. Home Hardware Canada Cup) will be considered tied. The 1% will be determined by the total of the team at the top of the CTRS at the conclusion of the season. For example, this season, Team McEwen has 287.000 CTRS points. One per cent of that is 2.870 points. If Team A and Team B are within that margin for the final Home Hardware Canada Cup berth, Curling Canada will consider them tied.

  • Tiebreaker # 1: wins / losses in games between the tied teams in common events competed in the eight claimed events. If still tied,
  • Tiebreaker # 2: total wins in all games played in the common events competed in the eight claimed events. If still tied,
  • Tiebreaker # 3: wins in common events after the CTRS season determined by Curling Canada. If still tied,
  • Tiebreaker # 4: one-game playoff at site of final event in bullet c)