Curling Canada – 2015 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Draw Schedule

Below is the Official Draw Schedule for the 2015 Scotties Tournament of Hearts (updated January 2015)*Please note that this schedule is subject to change. All times are Central.

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the schedule.

Saturday, February 14

CT Draw Matchups
2:00pm 1  BC vs SK  Pre-Qual Game 4  TC vs QC NS vs NL
7:00pm 2  NB vs PE  MB vs ON  AB vs Qf  SK vs TC

Sunday, February 15

CT Draw Matchups
9:00am 3  AB vs NS  QC vs BC  NB vs NL
2:00pm 4  QC vs NO  NL vs PE  ON vs NS MB vs BC
7:00pm 5  TC vs ON  AB vs NB  MB vs SK  Qf vs PE

Monday, February 16

CT Draw Matchups
9:00am 6  MB vs NL  NS vs NO  PE vs BC ON vs QC
2:00pm 7  SK vs QC  BC vs TC  NL vs AB NB vs NS
7:00pm 8  NO vs NB  PE vs AB  SK vs ON  TC vs MB

Tuesday, February 17

CT Draw Matchups
2:00pm 9  ON vs BC QC vs MB  NS vs PE NL vs NO
7:00pm 10  NL vs TC  SK vs NS  QC vs NB BC vs AB

Wednesday, February 18

CT Draw Matchups
9:00am 11  NS vs MB ON vs NL BC vs NO QC vs PE
2:00pm 12  QC vs AB NB vs BC TC vs NS SK vs NL
7:00pm 13  SK vs NO TC vs PE ON vs AB MB vs NB

Thursday, February 19

CT Draw Matchups
9:00am 14  BC vs NL NS vs QC  PE vs MB  NO vs ON
2:00pm 15  PE vs ON  NO vs MB NB vs SK  AB vs TC
7:00pm 16  TC vs NB  AB vs SK  NL vs QC  NS vs BC

Friday, February 20

CT Draw Matchups
9:00am 17  AB vs MB  ON vs NB NO vs TC PE vs SK


Friday, February 20

CT Draw Matchups
7:00pm PP Page Playoff 1-2, MB vs AB

Saturday, February 21

CT Draw Matchups
10:00am PP Page Playoff 3-4, SK vs TC
3:00pm SF Semi-Final, SK vs AB

Sunday, February 22

CT Draw Matchups
2:00pm BRZ TC vs. SK
7:00pm FNL MB vs. AB