Curling Canada – 2016 WFG Continental Cup of Curling


How does the scoring work for the World Financial Group Continental Cup?

Three men’s and three women’s teams for each side will compete in four disciplines: Mixed Doubles, Singles, Team Competitions and Skins.

The scoring format will see an equal point value for all matches with a total of 60 up for grabs… making 30.5 points the magic number to launch the championship celebrations.

Mixed Doubles Competition (12 points)

A total of one (1) point will be awarded for each Mixed Doubles game in games played Thursday & Friday. In the case of a tie, each team will receive one-half (1/2) point.

In the three games scheduled for Saturday, each game will be worth two (2) points. In the case of a tie, each team will receive one (1) point.

A total of twelve (12) points will be awarded.

A male and female player from each side will play five rocks in an eight-end game. One curler throws first and fifth stones and their teammate delivers two through four. Teams have the option of changing up the throwing order during the match.

Team Competition (18 points)

For the first time in Cup history fans will see a round robin format for the traditional team competition. The three men’s and women’s teams for both sides will play in eight-end games over the course of six draws. Winners will earn 1 point with a half-point awarded to each team for a tie. There will be no extra ends. Team game draws 1, 4 & 8 are two women’s teams and one men’s team (sheet B), while team game draws 3, 6 & 9 are two men’s teams and one women’s team (sheet B)

Skins Competition (30 points)

The battle for the World Financial Group Continental Cup title will come to a dramatic conclusion on the final day of competition with the big points on the line. The skins format calls for an aggressive style of play that translates to great entertainment for the fans.

A total of six skins game will be played and all competitors must take part in at least one of the Mixed, Men’s or Women’s matches. For each skins game there will be five points on the line.

The scoring for skins games will be as follows: the first six ends carry a half-point value and the last two are worth 1 point each. A count of at least two with last rock or a steal without is required to win an end. Otherwise the points carry over and the pressure builds for every single shot!

In the event of tie games after eight ends, each team will choose one player for a draw to the button to determine who takes the points.