The 2016 Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships will take place January 23-31, 2016 at the Stratford Rotary Complex in Stratford, Ontario.


The first stage of the Canadian Juniors will involve 14 men’s & 14 women’s teams. Each gender will be assigned to two pools of seven teams. These pools will be seeded based on results from the 2015 Canadian Juniors. The two 7 team pools for each gender will play an individual round robin. At the conclusion of this six (6) game round robin, the top four (4) teams in each pool will advance to the Championship Pool. The bottom three teams in each pool will advance to the “Seeding Pool”. Ties for the last berth to the Championship Pool will be decided by a playoff game. The winner of any tiebreaker game will advance to the Championship Pool while the losers will move to the Seeding Pool.

Championship Pool (eight teams):  Teams advancing to this Championship Pool will play games against the top four teams from the opposite pool.  These four games plus the record of the games from the preliminary pool will constitute their overall record. The top team after the ten (10) games (4 games from the Championship Pool Round and 6 games from the preliminary round robin pool) will advance to the final; the next two teams (after the same amount of games) will play in the semi finals. Ties for third place will be broken by tiebreaker games.

Seeding Pool (six teams): The bottom three teams in each pool will carry over their preliminary round robin pool record of wins & losses and then will play games against the other three teams from the opposite pool (per gender) for a total of nine (9) games played. These six teams per gender will then be ranked 9-14 for the 2016 Junior Mixed Doubles and the seeding for the 2017 Juniors. Ties will be broken by head to head games then by draw shot distance for 8 of the 9 games played.

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Green = men’s championship pool
Grey = women’s championship pool
Peach = men’s seeding pool
Blue = women’s seeding pool










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