Fan Zone

Championship curling’s legendary party

The Patch is championship curling’s legendary party place! Fans are guaranteed a rockin’ good time, highlighted by a nightly lineup of live entertainment on the Stage and fuelled by a tasty selection of food and beverages.

Join the athletes on Saturday, January 11 at 5 p.m. for Up Close and Personal and Autograph sessions.

Try your luck at AGI Cool Shots daily from 12 p.m. and practice your strategy and Curling Pong techniques for a round of Beat the Pro on Friday!


The Patch will be located on the grounds of the Western Fair District just across the pedway in the Carousel Room.



Thursday, Jan. 9AGI Cool Shots Curling12 p.m.All curling fans
Entertainmentevening Full Petty Fever
Friday, Jan. 10AGI Cool Shots Curling12 p.m.All curling fans
EntertainmenteveningSarina Haggerty Band
Saturday, Jan. 11AGI Cool Shots Curling12 p.m.All curling fans
Autographs5 p.m.All teams
Up Close and Personal5 p.m.Team Canada and Team Europe Coaches and Captains
EntertainmenteveningGeoff Masse Band
Sunday, Jan. 12AGI Cool Shots Curling12 p.m.All curling fans

Don’t miss out on AGI Cool Shots, a free-to-play curling game in the Patch with $50 on the table to be claimed by the daily winners!

AGI Cool Shots ultimate champion wins $250 and the runner up wins $150!

the patch has gone cashless

No cash and no tokens, so make sure you have your debit or credit card on hand for the new cashless system for purchasing drinks in the Patch!

Volunteers will be on hand to help guide you through the new process that’s fast and easy… and actually pretty cool!