Our Governance Model: Policy Governance

Policy Governance was specifically designed to ensure that an organization produces value for its owners, consistent with owner interest.  It was designed to satisfy an organization’s accountability to its owners.  The Board of Governors is the owners’ agent, entrusted with seeing that the organization has produced specified value within ethical and prudent guidelines.  Thus the Board’s focus is to think and operate in a manner consistent with what it is to own the organization-distinct from thinking and operating in ways that are consistent with what it takes to effectively run the organization.

This is a subtle distinction in thinking yet one that produces a significant shift in the board’s ability to be accountable to the owners.  Owner accountability is a critical factor in cooperative success.

Being accountable to owners is solely the board’s responsibility. Policy Governance is fundamentally a tool designed to focus the Board on its accountability to owners, distinguishing that work from other work it could be doing for the organization.

The Board Policy Registry

Board Policy Registry is updated after each face-to-face Curling Canada Board of Governors meeting. A log of new and revised policies is listed for easy reference when they are approved by the Board of Governors.

Board Registry – Updated version will be available once finalized

Curling Canada Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes 

Curling Canada Constitution and By Law

Curling Canada Constitution and Bylaw – Updated Dec. 5, 2018