“Level’s 1 & 2” are now expired terminology, coaches now need to comply with new training programs and evaluations. Sunset dates for Level 3 Certification program – these rules will apply for coaches who have entered the Level 3 Certification program prior to December 31, 2013.


Sunset Date

Level 3 Technical December 31, 2013
Interim Level 3 Theory Plan (any 4 of 6 Competition Development Multi-sport Modules) April 30, 2015
Level 3 Practical Workbooks/Evaluations April 30, 2015
Interim Level 3 Certification Plan April 30, 2015
  Interim Level 3 Certification Plan While the “Competition-Development Context” is in development, the following interim Certification Plan shall be recognized for Level 3 Certification. This interim plan is in place due to the fact that Level 3 Theory is no longer being delivered in a Multi Stream environment.  

Prerequisite for Level 3 Certification Program

“Level 2 Certified”


Level 3 Certification Program

(Level 3 Theory Equivalent is in Italics)

Make Ethical Decision (Training and Comp-Dev MED Evaluation)


Design a Basic Sport Program Multisport Module (MSM)

(Offered in Intro to Competition B)


Any 4 of 6 Multisport Modules listed below

(Offered by provincial/territorial coaching associations)

Coaching and Leading Effectively

Managing Conflict

Prevention and Recovery

Psychology of Performance

Leading Drug Free Sport

Developing Athletic Abilities


Level 3 Technical (as currently offered by curling)


Level 3 Practical (as currently offered by curling)