Tim Hortons Discover Curling

tim-hortonsCurling Canada has committed to a long range plan broadly focused at allowing every Canadian the opportunity to experience the thrill of throwing their first curling stone and playing their first end!

The objective of the Tim Hortons Discover Curling  project is to address curling club development beyond and in addition to the Business of Curling program. Curling Canada wants to make significant strides in recruitment by re-positioning key elements of our programs & services to better meet the needs of our member facilities and stakeholders all the while taking advantage of the highest profile our sport will ever receive.

The Tim Hortons Discover Curling project is a long term, active recruitment strategy for targeted groups ranging from Canadians with disabilities (i.e. wheelchair, hearing and visually impaired and Special Olympics); to community based organizations and the growing cultural segments of the Canadian cities and towns.

discover-curling-posterWe should be developing a participant base for our sport that accurately represents the Canadian population by offering equitable entry level opportunities, basic and advanced training, coaching and other positions to fully involve new participants in our sport.

The  Tim Hortons Discover Curling vision is a key component of curling’s member / customer recruitment strategy and crucial to our long range goal for growth at the community level.

Important Guiding Principles

  • We are committed to improving the quality of life in communities based on inclusiveness, fair play and teamwork through curling.
  • Our programs and facilities are safe and free of harassment and bias.
  • Instructors, trainers, coaches and mentors are trained to deliver appropriate programs.
  • We are committed to adapting to the special needs, cultural traditions and customs of our target groups.
  • Our instruction / training will be guided by an operational philosophy of Getting Started, Getting Better and Getting Involved.
  • We are committed to offering programs and services to our constituents in both Official Languages and culturally appropriate languages where possible.

Ends Statements

  • Established relationships and custom programming for persons in wheelchairs, Canadians who are hearing impaired, Canadians with an intellectual disability (Special Olympics), and Canadians who are visually impaired.
  • Established relationships with special interest groups with reasonable access to curling facilities, entry level training and assistance with competitive opportunities. Special interest groups will include anyone sharing a passion, hobby, employment, common objective, etc.
  • Built partnerships with Canada’s changing population mosaic and are delivering appropriate programs with appropriate instruction and coaching.
  • Established relationships with Aboriginal Peoples, identified talented athletes, designed a coaching stream through training and mentorship, and introduced curling to the North American Winter Indigenous Games.

Strategic Planning Activities

  • Plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a curling development model for people with a disability or special requirements.
  • Develop, co-ordinate and promote curling programs for Canadians with disabilities beginning with an introduction to the sport at a community rink. Then create the performance pathway for participants with a disability and special interest groups and facilitating the development of a regional, provincial / territorial and national competition programs.
  • Schedule training camps and key competitions for intermediate and high performance athletes. Develop instructor / coaching stream particular to the needs of each target.
  • Develop, co-ordinate and promote a strong network of groups representing Canadians with disabilities and special interest groups at the community level.
  • Work with existing buildings to ensure safe access, knowledge of programs and training of instructors / coaches and facilitate the recruitment and retention of volunteers.
  • Recruit, retain and advance instructor coaches trained to work with participants with a disability and special interest groups.
  • In conjunction with our stakeholders, develop a disability awareness module to be incorporated into all Curling Canada coaching streams and the Business of Curling program.
  • Provide a world class training and competitive environment at each level of programming including the provincial & high performance programs and provide ongoing support to coaches and other technical staff as required.
  • Develop and schedule training camps and symposiums.
  • Develop appropriate campaigns to raise the awareness and profile of curling for persons with a disability and special interest groups through all appropriate outlets.

We very much look forward to working with you in the next four years as we work to have new groups of Canadians “Discover Curling”!

For more information, please contact:
Danny Lamoureux
Director, Curling Club Development & Championship Services
1-800-550-2875 x 116
[email protected]