Athlete Programs

La Relève Program

La Relève, loosely translated, equates to the “next generation” and in curling terms, you are seen as part of the next wave of podium bound athletes with the potential to wear the Canadian Maple Leaf on the world stage.

Mission Statement

The La Releve Program is designed to assist individual athletes in training, preparation and competitive performance. It is designed to add value to your training programs above and beyond each athlete’s normal training activities and to offset some of the costs associated with elite preparation.

Thirty young women and an equal number of young men have been invited to be a part of this program. They are all 32 years of age or less at the start of our quadrennial to be a part of this program and have been recognized for their success on the Canadian Team Ranking or other major Canadian championship successes.

In the 2018 quadrennial we have started with two teams in the La Releve program of each gender.

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