Hey Coach: Welcome to the New Coaching Support Site!!

Welcome to the new CCA Coaching Support Blog.  It is here that we will continue to update you on coaching related issues, articles pertaining to technical improvement and general team interest stories that should help you and your team improve.   We are extremely excited to soon introduce the addition of video to this site to help explain some of our new articles and technical descriptions. In the next few months I will try to address a number of questions I have had from coaches over the last 6 months regarding their teams.   In both article form, video form and combined we hope that this site will help further educate some of the developing teams and coaches we have in this country.  That said – I need your continued questions, suggestions and advice to keep rolling in to keep this page fresh.  You can reach me, Paul Webster National Development Coach, at [email protected] . You will see a number of guest authors on this page in the near future, as well as past articles by Bill Tschirhart that simply could not be left off of this page due to their extremely applicable content! Hope you enjoy, Paul Webster